I have placed my order from the website but have not gotten any response from the company. Why?

We are so sorry for the inconvenience but currently the website is under maintenance. The best option would be calling us at 561-684-1107.

Can you ship the tobacco products outside Florida?

No, we cannot ship outside Florida because our tobacco license does not support out state business.

Except tobacco, do you ship goods to other state?

Yes, we do ship goods to other state depending upon the order. The buyer pays for the shipping charge.

Is the delivery price same as the walk in price?

No, the delivery price is not the same because we have to cover the handling and shipping charge.

How do I create an account in your company?

All you have to do is bring your store paper work and we will set you up right away.

Do the company accept returns, if there is any?

Yes, we do accept returns but it should meet the return policy requirements.

Can I cancel/modify my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order within 24 hours from the moment you order and you can modify your order no later than 12 hours before the shipping day.

When should I make the payment for the delivery?

The payment should be made right at the delivery time after verifying the goods.

What happens my check is bounced?

When you check is bounced, than a $35 fee is automatically charged to your invoice and no exceptions are given.

Except phone, fax, website and email, do you have any other means of getting an order?

Yes, we do have another option as well. We can send a salesman at your store to take the order and deliver it at the following week.